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In short, Construction Managers are there to ensure the project goes smoothly from start to finish. They will be the single point of contact between the Owner/ Client, the Architects/ Engineers, Contractors, and Key Stakeholders to manage costs within the budget, manage the project schedule and deliverables, and ensure the client is always informed and satisfied with the performance and project.

Answer: A Construction/ Project Management company should be the first firm that you hire if you’re thinking about going through with a construction project. At PDDM Solutions, we prefer to be involved from project conception to work with the Owner/ Client, the A/E’s, and other Key Stakeholders to minimize risk to project delivery, the project budget, coordination, and logistic issues, etc. To minimize risk, it is recommended to contact us when you have a project in mind; however, PDDM Solutions offers their services a la carte so we can provide the same great service at any time in your project, whether it is at the conception phase, the design development phase, pre-construction, construction, or project close-out/commissioning.
Currently, PDDM Solutions is licensed in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. If a client has a project that would prefer to use our services in another state that we are not licensed for Engineering, we are happy to discuss the project and feasibility of becoming licensed in another state. Having the Construction Management business unit has allowed PDDM Solutions to gain strategic partners nationwide so in the event it doesn’t make sense to obtain a license in another state to provide our Engineering Services, we can assist our clients in finding a qualified Engineering firm or use a strategic partner of ours.

PDDM Solutions was formed and known as a CMA. As a CMA our services offered to our clients are to provide a single point of contact, Construction and Management consulting service and on-site management service to oversee the work performed by Contractors and others to ensure compliance with the Contract Documents. PDDM Solutions was not created as a CM-R (otherwise, also known as GC or a Contractor setup to perform the actual construction); however, PDDM Solutions has a sister company, BK General Contracting, which is a General Contracting construction company that affords us the opportunity to also be able to perform work as a consultant or as a contractor.

Absolutely! PDDM Solutions works directly with their clients to develop their dreams into reality. We want to our client’s thoughts and opinions throughout the planning and design process, through the selection of the materials and equipment, through construction and project closeout. Even if we may not always agree on the best option, we will always provide several options to our client to ensure the finished product is of the highest quality and reliability. We work closely with our client’s o make these decisions based on their specific situation and the factors that should be considered based on their needs for the end use of the development.
There are many ways that PDDM Solutions can help you control your project costs and project schedule. Ideally, PDDM Solutions prefers to be brought on when the owner/ client has a project in mind. Our initial approach early in the planning phase is to work with our clients to determine their objectives and goals for their project. This allows us to develop a roadmap for success that starts by developing an overall budget and project schedule based upon all factors (i.e., coordination with key stakeholders, design phases, regulatory agency review times, bid phase, construction, and post-construction phase, etc.). This first step allows us to begin to confirm with our client the project is feasible, commence the design process, and initiate early on discussions with regulatory agencies and others that will have an important role in the approval process to maintain the delivery date for the project. Throughout each design phase we review any design changes to update the project budget and schedule. Additionally, we perform a constructability review to ensure the design can also be constructed, design disciplines are coordinated to reduce conflicts or future change orders and minimize questions or confusion if an item within the contract drawings or documents is unclear. As the design phase is completed, we use the contract design drawings and document to solicit multiple bids from qualified contractors. In addition to the approach discussed above (traditionally a design-bid-build approach), we also offer our services for Design-Build. Finally, as we work with our clients to true-up the final construction costs and scheduled completion date, we provide our on-site construction management services to ensure the work performed by the Contractors is compliant with the design documents, manage changes and risks, and manage other factors that develop to ensure our clients receive a quality product, with budget and withing the project timeline.

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