5 Reasons PDDM Should Be On Your Team…

Bring in the Experts

PDDM Solutions provides the knowledge and experience to achieve the highest level of results for our clients. Knowing the industries, industry standards and practices, and understanding the latest in technology available, PDDM Solutions provides our client’s with practical and innovative solutions.

Our Focus is Our Client

Whether we are performing Project Management/Construction Management, Engineering/ Environmental, or Professional Staffing services to our client’s, our team focus is to meet our client’s objectives, schedules, budgets, operational requirements, and overall needs to ensure that our client’s receive the highest level of attention, accuracy, and value.

Saving Our Client Time & Money

PDDM Solutions has the experience and knowledge from both current and past projects to have lessons learned. Exposure to these experiences has allowed PDDM Solutions to incorporate these lessons learned throughout every phase of the project: conceptual/planning phase, design phase, and construction phase to identify and resolve concerns prior to becoming a design or construction issue, thus, saving our clients time and money.

Related to our Workforce Solutions Talent Acquisition, there is no “Cookie Cutter” approach to our service. Our flexibility and unique hiring approach allows our team to be efficient in order to deliver our clients the most qualified employees, timely and cost effective.

Single Point of Contact

Having PDDM Solutions as either your Project/Construction Management Representative, Engineer of Record, or Workforce Solutions Talent Acquisition Agency provides peace of mind having one point of contact. Therefore, having PDDM Solutions be your single point of contact helps preserve your time and resources.

Innovative Solutions

Every project or business operational need has challenges to overcome and can throw a curve ball at you from time-to-time. As these challenges arise, PDDM Solutions provides innovative solutions to these challenges, allowing the project team to continue to deliver projects on-time and on-budget, or innovative solutions to meet our clients hiring needs, whether it be the need to hire 1 or 100 + employees.

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