PDDM Solutions provides the knowledge and experience to achieve the highest level of results for our clients. Knowing the industry standards and practices and continuing to keep up with the latest in technology and software available, PDDM Solutions will keep our client and their project up to speed.

Complex projects require close planning, tracking, and collaboration in order to be successful. We provide our clients the expertise required to provide the necessary management skills to make our client’s endeavors a success.


Throughout the design and construction phases, the client typically relies on an A/E firm and a contractor to complete their project. Throughout both phases, there is potential for either relationship to become contentious due to changes, miscommunication, or a misunderstanding. Hiring PDDM Solutions places a knowledgeable and experienced professional on YOUR side, looking out in your best interest. PDDM Solutions provides peace of mind by performing constructability reviews, value engineering, scheduling, and cost estimating, etc. to provide a checks and balances system for both the design and construction of the project.

Our services provide our clients PROJECT PEACE of MIND by managing and monitoring their project through pre-design, conceptual design, design documentation, construction documentation, bid/negotiation, construction and project closeout.


PDDM Solutions has the experience and knowledge from both current and past projects to have lessons learned. Exposure to these experiences has allowed PDDM Solutions to incorporate these lessons learned throughout the conceptual/planning phase, design phase, and construction phase to identify and resolve concerns prior to becoming a design or construction issue, thus, saving our clients time and money.

Additionally, through value engineering and constructability reviews, alternate systems and solutions are evaluated to determine the best combination of price, schedule, constructability, function and aesthetics for each segment of the project.

Remember, PDDM Solutions will manage the project site to assure the contractors and sub-contractors follow the plan and schedule. Our team has the necessary experience to be able to judge the competency of a contractor’s workers and have a deep understanding of job site safety.


Whether a small local project or a large national project with multiple contractors, hiring PDDM Solutions means that you will only need to work with one point of contact. Therefore, having PDDM Solutions be your single point of contact will preserve your time and resources.

PDDM Solutions will coordinate the communication between the Architect/Engineer and each contractor and funnel the information back to our Client, as necessary, to preserve both time and resources. As our team of professionals work with both the Architect/Engineer and contractors throughout the entire project, our team looks out in the best interest of our Client.

Having PDDM Solutions as your representative during all phases of construction, provides early dispute resolution, aggressive yet fair change order negotiations and elimination of conflicts of interest.


Every project has challenges to overcome and can throw a curve ball at you from time-to-time. As these challenges arise, PDDM Solutions provides innovative solutions to these challenges in order to move forward and keep the project on track and within budget.

Whether it is assisting our clients with choosing the correct project delivery method (i.e., Design-Bid-Build, Design-Build, P3, etc.), or performing a value engineering analysis or constructability/feasibility reviews, PDDM Solutions provides innovative solutions for our Clients. We work with our Clients to provide creative solutions to challenges such as multi-stakeholder involvement, long-term resiliency, labor shortages, and environmental and construction concerns that could compound long-standing considerations of cost, schedule, quality, life-cycle costs, etc.