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What is professional construction project management and why is it so important?

Most commercial, institutional, industrial and educational owners are busy with their core operations or projects. Most residential owners are even busier with their own lives, families and businesses. Few have the know-how or technical expertise essential to manage their Read Full Article

Women in Construction

Put on Those Hard Hats, Ladies!  One of the major tasks in nearly every industry today is realizing gender equality. After all, it’s been proven that gender diversity offers huge advantages in the workplace.  True, a number of industries have made noteworthy progress in gender diversity; however, many continue to straggle behind. And the construction industry fits into this latter group.   The typical stereotype for a construction site worker is an ogling, Read Full Article

Communication is Key to a Positive Client Relationship

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”                                                                                     . . . George Bernard Shaw Client communication. It’s a decisive factor in any construction job, and perhaps the easiest thing to get wrong. Read Full Article

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