As an employer, one of the more complex challenges you will face is unearthing reliable engineering staffing. Of course, staffing is crucial for your business to perform as you expect. However, it can be downright strenuous to find just the right individuals for your company at times.

As a result, recruiting companies are turning out to be more common in the employment industry, particularly in the field of engineering. Truth is, a reliable recruiting firm can help you find the best talent for your open engineering positions. 

The fundamental principle behind investing in a professional recruiting company should be that time equals money. Take into account all the daily tasks that are presently on your plate and add in the overall management of your employees. All these things tally up and occupy valuable time. The more work you have to do, the more hassled and overwhelmed you can become.

In the worst-case circumstance, you can fail to keep up with important tasks, costing you money in the long run.

Let’s face it, you simply don’t have the time to search for the right talent, conduct interviews, review resumes, etc., plus provide the required training. So, you might need to hire additional dependable staff to help you out.

This means a vicious circle develops, costing you even more money. To break this cycle, you need a professional recruiting company that will save you time and money on searching for the right talent, allowing you to focus on crossing off all the other to-do list items, stay atop your workload and boost profits.

Moreover, as you find new staff to fill vacancies in your business, your overall productivity will also grow. With added employees on the payroll, you can count on better production rates, higher completion rates at worksites and so much more.

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They offer an HR department at a fraction of the cost

Maybe you’re a huge corporation with an enormous HR department and a legion of recruiters. If so, this probably doesn’t concern you. But if you have a modest HR department or none at all, please read on.

Ask yourself, what’s the cost to hire an HR person and pay them a year’s salary? What about benefits or perks? Perhaps extra office space to house them? What would it cost to add two, three, or even more of these professionals? The fact is, crafting or growing an HR department to enhance your recruiting and hiring practices can be crucial, but also very costly.

This is where a professional recruiting company comes in. They’re recruiting and hiring specialists that have a principal staff who focus on each industry they work in, such as engineering, and recognize the required qualifications. That’s why companies engaged in some of engineering’s strongest niches work with a recruiting agency to act as their HR representative.

For a tiny fraction of the cost of full-time staff, they help companies in oil and gas, mining, construction, transportation, and water and wastewater, to name but a few, unearth the best candidates without a commitment on your part to grow the HR function of your company.

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They provide professional hiring help

As we’ve just seen, the chief obligation of an engineering recruiting company is to find your business the best candidate out there for your precise need. Their job is to simply make sure you’re paired with a candidate who can help boost your company’s chances of success.


It’s absolutely reasonable that many business owners are tentative when it comes to outsourcing their recruitment due to the seemingly considerable cost. But in the end, when you pay for a recruitment company, you’re paying for a level of talent and hiring know-how that is more cutting-edge than most in-house HR recruitment departments. Recruitment companies are often comprised of teams of first-rate talent- searching professionals with the knowledge in providing recruitment solutions.

There are a variety of factors that make professional recruiters a valued resource. Professional recruiters are trained to assess resumes and gauge a candidate’s skills and experience through an assortment of interviewing methods. These recruiting firms can weed out incompetent workers and those who are not a good match for your company for any number of reasons (skill-based, as well as the more intangible factors that are so crucial). The range of candidates in their network can help make sure you find the only best candidate for your needs, with negligible work on your part.

They shorten the drawn-out hiring cycle

For anyone who has ever participated in the hiring of a new employee, they know it takes a heck of a lot of time. From the initial job posting to fielding and screening would-be candidates to the actual interviews, plus all the particulars that go into making the final hire, it might appear as though hiring just one person is a full-time job.

Let’s face it, even if you have a fantastic HR department, does it really have the time to wait for the right candidate’s resume to come across their desk? This can be a time-consuming waiting game that devours their other responsibilities. At most professional recruiting companies, they choose a more proactive line of attack. They do so by focusing only on candidates based on your company’s specific needs. This way, candidates are submitted to your HR department as pre-qualified, bona fide persons that will save them time and you, money.

Professional recruiters can assume many of the busy-work tasks associated with hiring so you can just focus on simply finding the best candidate for your company. Especially in the early stages of the hiring process, finding candidates and screening them to make sure they are high quality takes time. Time that you just don’t have. A professional recruiting company saves you any unnecessary aggravation and expedites the process. Let them take this off your plate and hand you with a small group of well-qualified candidates to make the hiring process quicker and more efficient.

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They find the right candidates

The hiring process is not just about discovering as many candidates as possible and hoping one fits; it simply concerns hiring the right person for the right job and putting those two parties together. This is what a professional recruiter does – making sure you hire the best person for the job while cutting down on the many different things that cost you time and money.

They will lower overhead costs

Recruiting companies can provide meaningful financial savings when it comes to employer costs you would normally provide to your employees who perform your recruiting function. Health benefits, 401k, sick days, PTO, workers’ comp, unemployment and all the various employer taxes are the responsibility of your recruitment partner.

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Okay, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Just what are some of the real specifics that recruiting firms do to save you time and money?

  • Shrink training time: Hitting upon a highly qualified candidate involves a person getting up to speed and down to business earlier, with not nearly as much expensive training as lesser qualified ones. As experts in enlisting engineers, recruiting companies possess a massive database of the most qualified would-be candidates. This means less costly training and more ROI sooner rather than later.
  • Shrink turnover: Hitting upon the correct fit for a job the first time also implies less turnover. Such recruiting firms help you secure the right people because they take the time to understand your needs. This suggests there is a higher probability the candidate you hire will love the job, be better at it and want to stay put long-term, meaning you won’t have to fill the position again in the near future.
  • Entrée to both active and passive job hunters: Just consider all the things you have to do to find and hire candidates. There’s an extensive checklist that requires its being completed in a brief period of time, even before you can get the new hire you need working almost immediately. Recruiting companies have a team of highly capable personnel they can tap into, saving you time and effort in the end. They handle the time-consuming task of weeding through candidates, screening, interviewing, and preparing them for your required positions, all while you are focusing on your core business. Moreover, they have the technology and know-how to direct you through the hiring process, even with the present restrictions on face-to-face meetings. Truth is, the most suited person for you may not even be looking for a job right now. But that doesn’t mean you should pass over the prospect of hiring someone if he/she are the right person for the job. Most professional recruiting firms have a highly efficient process that lets them find suitable candidates that are not presently looking for a job along with the knack to persuade them to make the move when they believe this is the right decision for everyone concerned.
  • Access to exclusive candidates: Most recruiting companies already have connections with the topmost talent in a variety of professions, especially in those wherein they focus.

Closing thoughts

One of the leading reasons businesses choose to rely on an engineering recruiting company is that they’ve been attempting to fill a job for quite some time, without success. This eventually takes a toll on your HR department. Recruiting quality candidates entails an enormous investment of time and dedication from your HR staff. This is where recruitment companies can offer a suitable result. When considering the investment, steadfastness and total effort that it takes, recruitment companies can perform most of the hard work for you. Again, this allows you to simply select from the carefully chosen candidates.

Not only this, but they can usually source candidates in a well-timed fashion. Many recruiting companies either offer a pre-established timeline in which to supply a shortlist of candidates or, alternatively, they allow you to confer with them yourself. This means that they’re just right if you need to fill a position immediately; for example, let’s say a current employee has announced they’re leaving, and he/she need to be replaced quickly.

The professionals at PDDM Solutions are ready to assist in your next search for top-notch engineering talent. Just give us a call to discuss your specific requirements, including any timelines you may require. We guarantee you’ll be glad you did!