Pittsburgh, PA

Duquesne Light Company awarded a contract to Stefanik’s and PDDM Solutions to provide professional consulting to determine the feasibility and constructability for the proposed BI-Crescent Transmission Tower and Line replacement.  Overall, the scope of services required the evaluation and constructability review to access approximately 100 existing lattice towers in order to remove the existing towers, install new monopole structures and transmission lines, and reclamation of all work that spanned from Bruno Island in Pittsburgh, PA to the Crescent Substation.

The constructability/feasibility study was required to determine the best method for constructing access to existing transmission towers, access to proposed tower locations, required laydown areas, and other requirements that all parties needed to be aware of in order to develop the design drawings and contract documents.  In addition to the constructability/feasibility reviews, our services extended to developing project budgets and proposed schedules based upon estimated durations for construction and restoration.

Project Services:

  • Constructability Reviews
  • Collaboration/Planning with Engineer and Electrical Transmission Consultants

  • Develop Budgets and Schedules for Proposed Work

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Contract/Procurement Recommendations